Sunday, 31 October 2010

Wedding Milestone: Engaged!

Home smells like jasmine yesterday, it still does actually. Whilst my new room has a strong smell of bunga rampai. *sound: vinyl scratch rewinding* CHOPPPP..!! New room? Yes, my mom told me that I can already move my things into the guest room of which my elder sister used as her marital chamber... I guess, it'll be the tradition of our family -- each bride-to-be in this family shall decorate this room and share it with her husband on their first night together. Whoopeee~*

Hello Lovelies,
I'm officially Razi's fiancé =)

And it feels SO AWESOME okay! Can't wait to be officially his wife pulak. *wink-wink*

Other than feeling SO AWESOME, I feel..
  • Relieved - especially when you planned your engagement day and it turned out just fine. You faced all of the attention given to you from the moment you walked out of the room until the ring is placed on your finger. Yela bakal ratu sehari has to practice to be comfortable with all the attention, right? At least one event done, three more to go (solemnization, bersanding and bertandang).
  • Excited - because you're ONE STEP CLOSER to getting married to the person you love.
  • Starting to feel a bit stressed - you'll need to consider A LOT OF THINGS when preparing for your wedding. Kalau nak banding dengan E-day preps, memang macam langit dengan bumi!!
  • Worried - because nobody knows what will happen before you reach the point of marriage. I pray that nothing bad will ever happen to the both of us.. Darah manis kan?
Basically it's all mixed feelings. I can't really justify what it feels like to be engaged. Besides, different people may view things differently right? =)

By the way, sorry for not updating this blog. (Nasib baik Sayangku Razi rajin post and replying comments =D )
I'm being secretive at work about my wedding plans. I'm a new staff so I don't want to get caught writing an all-about-wedding entry. Takut kena buang sebab nanti kena mintak banyak cuti. Haha~* But some of my colleagues know about me getting married, so I'm not surprised if the news spread even to the other side of the building. =p

I replaced the engagement ticker with our wedding ticker! Yippppieeee~* At the moment, it says: 8 months and counting.

P/S: I solemnly swear that I'll post some photos of my E-day soon when Kepep the photographer finishes with them k? Till then, have a great week ahead!


  1. congratulation dear..nanti upload gmbr byk2 ok..

  2. Thanks sweeties! When I get my hands on the photos nanti I'll upload as many pictures as my internet bandwidth can stand! Hehe~*

  3. dear sue & razi, congrats on ur e-day!! lepas nie sibuk untuk prepare for wedding plak. welcome to club dear. ;)

  4. Dear MizzAmy,

    Waaa.. Thanks. I feel so welcomed! Hope pasni semua preparation berjalan dengan lancar. Doakan kami ye. =)

  5. congratulation dear !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! reveal sepanuhnya yea =)

  6. omg. macam mana boleh terlepas pandang ni! tahniah razi and sue.. lepas ni my turn pula. nervous. nervous.

  7. Dear Nora,

    Itu sudah mesti!! Ni tengah tunggu dapat gambar dari photographer je. Dia macam busy sket. Yela Architect kan.. Banyak keje kena buat.

    By the way, thanks for the wish.. :D

    Dear Cik Syahira,

    Wow, your turn plak lepas ni? All the best ya!! Jangan nervous-nervous.. Nanti terketar-ketar pulak tangan masa nak sarung cincin. Just relax, baca selawat banyak-banyak. Think of happy thoughts, jangan pikir pasal unhappy thoughts pun. InsyaAllah Ok. :)

  8. congratulation...tak sbr nak tengok gambar u...mesti comel..sebb makeup sendiri....