Friday, 5 November 2010

Karnival Pengantin SACC2010?

Thank God both Razi and myself went to Diamond and Platinum's D-Rewards Member's Day (SACC branch). Alice, the SUPERRRR FRIENDLY sales assistant, urged us to come and eat some food they serve there and we thought we'd drop by to say Hello. Haha.. Right!~ ;p

Razi came up with a great idea -- he thought since they're having Member's Day, we could survey for something "shiny" to give me in celebration of our unity in July. (Oh yeah, did I tell you that we're going to get married on the 1st of July? Well, Alhamdulillah.. We already set THE DATE and my parents have booked a hall for the day after solemnization day). I've always love the month of July. I just love how it sounds -- "July~" -- "We're getting married in July~~".. Heeee.. Argh *angau*

*Owhkay, back to the point now, Sue*
*rolls eyes*

Oh well, basically Alice kind of blurted out a question while we were looking for the most suitable ring for Razi.

Alice: Jadi kamu sudah pegi ke Karnival Pengantin kah?
Razi: Uhhh? Kat mana?
Alice: Di Shah Alam Convention Centre lah. Hari ini..
Suzie: Ehhh, tapi kitorang dah lambat dah ni. Nak pegi rumah kawan lagi.. Bila habis ha? Kalau sampai hari Ahad, bolehlah kitorang pegi esok.
Alice: Kejap.. Kejap saya tanya kawan saya. *speaks in Chinese to her friend* Ohhh, sampai hari Ahad lah.
Suzie: Ohh kalau macamtu kita pegi esoklah, ye Abang?
Razi: Ehhh.. [Mr. Francisco's Fiancee] ada ajak kita pegi la aritu.. Tak tau pulak yang ini. *sengih bajet innocent*
Suzie: *tepuk dahi*

So, we discussed with Francisco's Fiancee and decided to get our cute Raja-Sehari-to-be's butts in front of the entrance to Karnival Pengantin once it opens tomorrow morning. Hahaha.. It'll be a double date! Uuuuu... I love double dates!!!

Jadi marilah beramai-ramai memeriahkan event ini.

See you there! Kalau jumpa, tegur-tegur lah ya. *grins*

P/S: Something bothered me though, why is it this Karnival Pengantin event is badly promoted..? Or am I just not up-to-date? *teringat Cik Panda (adik angkat si Razi) cakap bila dia tak up-to-date, rasa macam BIMBO. Hahaha*


  1. hehhehe iklan ni dah lama dear. sharing info ek nanti. =)

  2. Ok, nanti kitorang post entry pasal findings kitorang k. :)

    Event ni macam tak digembar gemburkan macam Pameran Pengantin je..

  3. Event ni, producer lain, dear. Bukan Urban Vibe, that's why promotion lain sikit. Tapi ada keluar radio, majalah Pengantin

  4. Yep, pasal organiser lain tu saya tau. Cuma people don't talk about it as much as Pameran Pengantin. Macam tak ramai yang look forward to go to this event.. Anyway, its not a big deal. =) Dah pergi dah pun..