Thursday, 7 October 2010

Review: Zila Ziman Makeup Class... by Suzie the MUA Wannabe!

I wanna do my own makeup on my engagement, so I decided to sign up for a MAKEUP-101. I've done my survey online and Razi and I came to a conclusion that Zila Ziman's makeup course was the most pocket friendly. Plus I've seen the photos of her previous makeup class, which includes photos of her studio -- it's very evenly lit up. And I've always like to be in a small group of students, to maximize the amount of focus given to each student.


Now, now... As promised, this is a review on the makeup class I attended last Saturday. It was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Makeup Class Aidilfitri 2010
conducted by
Zila Ziman
2 Oct '10 @ 1oAM - 5PM
Zila Ziman's Studio, Damansara

(Photos courtesy of Zila and Azwan)

There's so many things I wanna talk about but I'll start by using the above photo as a guide. Or else, I'll end up with a super long entry! Haha

Clockwise from top-left:
  1. This is Zila Ziman. She's once a B2B blogger (she blogs here), now happily married. Come to think about it, I came to know about this class from her blog. After seeing her face-to-face, I can see that she has got one of the BEST complexion I have EVER seen. Unlike me yang ada jerawat (and parut jerawat as a bonus!) serata muka.
  2. Next, these are products and tools used in class. The products are from Kryolan, M.A.C., Bobbi Brown, Revlon, Maybelline, BodyShop, etc... Rambang mata tengok semua ni... Bestneee jadi MUA!
  3. Hi, it's me! I was putting eyeshadow base on Asmaa's eyes. She did my makeup, I think Kak Asmaa is a natural artist... Plus, she's got such beautiful features. Jealous sangat! On the background, you can see Thirah (Zila's younger sis) doing Liyana's makeup.
  4. Azwan took this photo at the end of the class, with us holding our certificates, masa semua dah santek-santek belaka. *Hihi*
  5. Zila Ziman's studio. It looks so cool, right? Well, it's cooler when you get to see it in reality. The room is SOOO evenly lit up, which is SOOO important for makeup!! Azwan made all this for his wife. Aww.. Sweet kan?
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

At the start of the class, we were given a set of papers that has a list of essential tools (different types of makeup brushes and other tools) with pictures on them! Nanti nak buat reference senang... These are necessary for professional makeup (ya, bukan mekap cikai-cikai ye..). Then Zila introduced us each of the tools and explained their usage.

Afterwards, she started a demonstration on Thirah. (Tengok kulit dia pun cantik jugak. Memang ada gen kulit cantik kot? Zelesss...) What I like about Zila's touch is that the outcome looks more natural compared to the works of most MUAs I've seen. Tak caye, tanya Razi... Dia lagi fussy tentang makeup dari Sue tau. Cantik sangat...

When you observe how a MUA does his/her work, it looks so simple. Well, it is kinda simple and easy. But only once you've practiced over and over again; and gained a lot of experiences, of course...

Just after the demonstration has finished, there was a Q&A session, which lasted for a few minutes because obviously we didn't have much to ask -- we haven't even gone through the practical yet! Hihi. Lepas hands on je terus tanya macam-macam.

Right after lunch and Zuhur prayers, kami mempraktikkan apa yang telah diajar. She pointed out heaps of useful tips and tricks during practical session...

The BEST part was we get to play with her tools. Semangat kemain masa makeup.. Tapi ada jugak gelabah-gelabah because it's our first time kot! ;p I screwed up one time sebab nak cepat. I used a concealer brush as a lip brush. Hehehe~ Maap ye Ciku Zila...

It was an invaluable educational experience for me. For only RM250, I get to experience all of the above and Ciku Zila siap cakap: "Kalau ada apa-apa soalan, email jela." Thanks to her, sekarang dah berangan nak become a MUA someday. Perhaps I'll start with my own circle of friends first. Haaa~ Siapa nak jadi mangsa pertama aku? MUAHAHA...


  1. bagus awak...
    belajar untuk tunang dan yang penting.. untuk diri sendiri kan hehe boleh apply bila2 kita nak hehe

  2. Yeap. Ni semua pasal nak save budget untuk tunang + wedding nanti. Dahla saya pun minat makeup kan.. Habisla makin lama Razi tunggu Sue untuk kuar pasni. =p

  3. hye.. beshnyer.. senang nanti time tunang n wedding jimat kan..

    btw, thanks for following my blog.. follow u back ;)

    renee meow

  4. betul2..kina pun rse nk masuk kelas..

  5. sue..dekat link tu kena tukar url kina..sbb xdapat tgk update post..

  6. Dear Renee,

    Meow! (maksudnya: yep Hehe) Tapi masa nikah probably I hire gak orang makeup. Teringin gak merasa MUA yang famous. Thanks for following back hunny.

    Dear Kina,

    Amik la kelas makeup dengan Zila Ziman ni. Berbaloi! Kita perempuan ni kalau pasal makeup mesti excited semacam kan. Hehe.. By the way, Sue dah edit. Oh kalau tak kuar feeds tu kena tambah /feeds/posts/default ya? OK dah belajar benda baru arini. Horray!! ^^

  7. wahhh.... dah pergi belajar make-up2 dengan cikgu zila ekh?? i nak joint tp last few weeks asyik busy dengan open house. T______T

    btw, salam kenal juga. ;)

  8. Dear mizzAmy,

    I tau, I ada terbaca comment you kat blog dia (kot?). Hehe~ *apasal saya terasa macam stalker tiba-tiba ya?*

    Nanti dia buat class lagi, you join la. Best~** tak rugi sesen pon! =D

  9. Wah, bagusnya menambah skill ni. Boleh jimat dan tambah incom;D

  10. zila mmg cun... anda pon! bes giler dapat belajar mekap, entah bile dapat pegi ntah.. nyam2.

  11. Dear Rilla,

    Yeap, bercita-cita ni nak jadi MUA. Hehe. Doakan ya.

    Dear Gadis Jumaat,

    Anda nak makan makeup ke? Haha~* Rasa chemical okay, I dah try. (please don't try this at home) =p

  12. bagus dear!!ade minat belaja mekap2 ni..senang. ade function ape2. touch up sndiri je kn!!
    also,suke tgk gamba2 kak zila kawen!!cantik gileeee kann...

  13. hi suzie, saya dah xguna link nora aira tu ek=) nanti ada masa tukar dengan ni ye, tengs dear

    hehe finally,i'm back :p

    keep in touch dear =)

    (formely known nora aira)

  14. hi dear, saya dah xguna ek link nora aira tu. kalo ada masa nanti tukar dengan link baru ni ek=)

    tengs dear.keep in touch

  15. Dear ElyaElmo,

    Ya, itu sudah mestiiii.. Time dinner la paling best sebab semua orang pun pakai mekap tebal. Mestilah Sue nak kalahkan diorang. Hehehe~*
    Kak Zila tu kulit dia lawa. Pakai mekap, lagila, flawless habis kulit dia. I especially love her pre wed photoshoot. Best sangat!

    Dear Nora,

    Alahai Nora.. Sue lupa la nak update link tu. Teehee~ Silly Sue. Sorry k.