Sunday, 26 September 2010

Can't do without you, Burt..

You're the drug that I'm addicted to. I need you every 30-minutes or so everyday... Burt, next time I'm going to have a detecting device so I could have it stick on you so I can locate you every single time I lose you.

Because you're a tiny...

Lipbalm. (Yes, I call it Burt). Herkkk~

This is my drug. I've already become dependent on it.

Because it feels soooo good on my lips!

This is by far the best lipbalm I've ever had (and trust me, I've searched high and low and I've tried almost all lipbalms available out there). I have super dry chapped lips. One of the things I hate (I repeat, HATE) of all time would be chapped lips. Because once I start trying to scrape the dry dead skin cells off of my lips (seriously, dah jadi rutin sampai dah tak sedar tau), hey waddaya know, it'll result into a DISASTER , where blisters and some blood will involve. And I'll look like I have rotten lips. Haha~

Yesterday I misplaced Burt in my huge bag when I brought it to the family gathering in our lovely pondok at Batang Kali. For not applying Burt on my lips for just about 24hours, my lips has got that familiar excessive/severe dryness it has been having on and off since I can remember! Eee~ But once I got home this afternoon and settled everything down (including cleaning up my baby nephew's shit-covered bum), I quickly applied Burt on my lips vigorously (mainly because of geram.. and rindu (haha~ Razi jangan jealous please)) and I immediately felt the reaction. I felt some stinging and I could even feel blood rushing towards my lips as though my body itself is working together with Burt's combination of 100% natural ingredients to repair the condition of my lips.

Active ingredients: Camphor (0.6%) and menthol (0.6%) for external analgesic.

Inactive ingredients: Grape seed oil, beeswax, coconut oil, lanolin, shea butter, anise oil, cardamom seed oil, commint leaf oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, spearmint leaf oil, clove flower oil, vanillin, calendula officinalis flower extract, lemon balm leaf extract, black current leaf extract, golden seal extract.

You can find Burt's Bees at these places:
  • The Curve
    G Floor (next to Borders)
    Tel: 03-7725 4006
  • The Gardens Mall
    LG Floor (next to Cold Storage)
    Tel: 03 - 2287 7450

Pendek kata: My lips feels better now.

Note to Sue: You're running out of Burt. Please buy 10 more if you have to. =)

Friday, 24 September 2010

Inspiration: Gubahan Hantaran

I have just more than 1 month left to go before my 2nd-big day -- aha, mestilah majlis pertunanganku. ;p

My Mak, eldest sister and I myself are in charge of decorating gifts that I'm going to give to Razi (Hello, Razi? Senyap je.. Ehe, mesti busy cari future-duit-nafkahku.. Haha)

(Eherm, well.. To the point please, Sue...)

I wanted something different with a personal touch. So there I was browsing through the Web like it's no one's business. And BAM! I found a perfect english cottage theme! It's a combination of my all-time favourite things (background music = "My Favourite Things" by Julie Andrews), and I bet Mak will love it too.

Can you imagine the sweet and soft pastel colours combined with roses, hydrangeas, ribbons and wooden trays/boxes decorated with decoupage roses. Kalau takleh imagine, sila tengok gambar dibawah ya:

Credit to Lace&Beads for the awsome idea!

Okay, I got to go. Mak dah panggil. We're going to Batang Kali for a family retreat for the weekend (well, half of the family, actually)... Bye bye pollution and stress, hello fresh air and tranquility. =)

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Budget Doorgifts, anyone?

I am on a tight budget, but still I want to give something nice to guests on our engagement day. After a couple of months of browsing the Web + listing out my alternatives + striking all but one out of the list, which is...

D-I-Y Brown Paperbags!

(Sorry for the bad quality image. I need to get a digital camera, quick!)

I've re-engineered a few ideas found through Googling. I think it turned out quite well, don't you think? ;)

About the tag:

Malas nak cutout the 1st design so I came up with an alternative. Whoever wants to use these designs, do request the file from me (via the Contact form) okay? =)

Well, here's the budget for one doorgift:
  1. Brown paper bags (Mydin || RM 3.20 / 100pcs)
    = RM 0.032 / 1 pc
  2. Ribbons (had to buy an expensive one because of its rare color. Bought at a gift shop in Tropicana City Mall)
    = RM 0.40 / 1 pc tied into a bow (approx.)
  3. Thank you tag printed on 230gsm Cardstock in white (yet to be bought)
    = RM 0.10 / 1 pc of tag (approx. with printer ink)
TOTAL = RM 0.632 only

(Psssttt... I still haven't confirmed the goodies within. Maybe a RM 1.00 muffin. Yummyyy~)

I also bought Marvy Uchida 2 1/2" Scallop Punch (from physical shop || RM 89.90), can be reused again and again..

P/S: Please buy your scrapbooking supply from Not only you'll get a far cheaper price than other craft shops, you get to help Bryant's family gain extra income to cover his medical expenses. You see, he's one of the many victims of medical-related recklessness. Brain-injured since birth (due to a doctor's absence during delivery), his family could never see him live like a normal child and doctors suspect that he would not live long. Razi and I almost cried hearing this. The fact that neither the doctor nor the hospital (which is one of the first-class hospitals in Malaysia) has any remorse towards what happened is just terrible! Siap cakap, "Sebelum ni ada kes macam ini tapi mereka tak kecoh pun!" Isk jahat...

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