Thursday, 28 October 2010

A lil' sneak peek

As promised, here are some piccas for your viewing pleasure (err, not really :P):

Haha, talking bout being seriously lazy :D

(ek eleh.. baik tak yah)

FYI, that's my side of the story. Don't ask me about Suzie's; she's been insidiously secretive about her dowries(Sue: ala. biarlah. mak kata surprise!) The only thing I know is the theme and the color (so as to not screwing a good E-day -- coordination, right?)Hope those pix will do the talking! =) Will give you more micro-updates like this soon.

Roger and out!


  1. rindu dekat suzie, kirim salam dia yea =)

  2. hahaha. ok. dah =) dia kem salam balik. tgh sibuk dok jahit veil tu..

  3. please send sue my best regards. and congratulations in advance you guys! :)

  4. hihihi. thanx =)

    wah.. never imagine myself in this position, where people keep on congratulating hahaha

    [and of course: the comments -- thanks korang! I've been blogging in private. Never knew a comment or two can make you smile =) ]