Friday, 29 October 2010

Counting moments and killing time

As I'm writing this, Suzie's already on her way to my office* . And it's raining (should have bought her that cute lil red rain coat at Elle last time, dammit!) I'm sure she's thrilled right now..she's all set up for a manicure treatment at our usual spot, and I'll be joining her later =)

*Haha.. if she ever read my final comment on the previous entry this evening she would definitely say,"haha jakun! seronok la tu.. seronok la tu"

I'm hitting this keyboard basically coz I wanna kill time. Just another hour to go. It has been a week full of boredom at work(but not after, haha!).

What about you guys?

Hehehe. Err.. umm. What should I write now huh?




No. Not that. That's like.. totally.. no.


(I guess I write more bcoz of anxiety rather than boredom. Am i.. am i.. nervous?) <-- u turned green when u nervous, right?

Nevermind me.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the works of Anne Avantie (well, I'm not. Where have I been all this while? :P). I'm lovin' her designs.. they are so fan.ta.bu.lous

(at the time of writing, the's server has exceeded it's bandwith limit. Can't show you the exact ones that I like right now. It was there the other day. Pfft)

Ok ok.. i know they are a lil o.t.t but then it's for marriage right? What better excuse can you have.. what other valid license for you to actually dress up LIKE THAT? *drool drool*

[are you in agreement with this? I'm sure Suzie's not :P]

If only I have the means to get her one of those..


On the other hand, we're gettin engaged.. wooo! This is so awesome.. <-- poyo nak mam

Okay..she's almost here..gtg..till later!

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