Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Options: RM2.00 Strawberry Jams


I've made up my mind a few months ago that I want to have cute strawberry jams as one of the doorgifts for my reception.. They're so adorable!

(Credits - clockwise from doily wrapped jam: 1 | 2 | 3 |4)

So I made some surveys on strawberry jams. I searched throughout the jam sections of all of the stores that I've been for the past couple of months and I haven't found any that suited my budget. All are RM 3.99 and above and if not large, they are medium in size. But then I remembered bumping into Gourmandines.com and was very keen for their jam preserves. So there was Option #1.

Bonne Maman 30g Strawberry Conserve
from Gourmandines.com

They provide quality imported jams with the lowest price. (Thanks Sabrina for sharing this.)

Below are the information given by the people from Gourmandines.

Content: 30 gm jam
Dimension: 4.5 cm diameter x 4.5 cm height

RM 1.70 per 30g jar

Stock information:
Batch from: Jul 2010
Expiry date: March 2012

Customization (labels):
They're not able to do any customization as the jams are made & bottled in France .

2 options:

1 tray - contains 15 pcs; or
1 carton - contains 60 pcs

However you can order any quantity required.

Bulk Offers:
Order 200 to 500 jars, discount 5%
Order 501 to 1000 jars, discount 10%
Order above 1000 jars, discount 12%

Payment methods:
Mode of payment: Cash/Cheque only
- Walk-in the office at Menara IMC jalan sultan ismail
- Transfer to their bank account

(Note: After making the transfer, they would need the Bank in slip or online transfer confirmation via fax or email)
They deliver in Klang Valley area only.
FREE DELIVERY within Kuala Lumpur City center, Bangsar, Damansara, Ampang KL, Mont Kiara for RM 250 and above per order. Below that, you'll be charged RM35.
Delivery days: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

Confirmation of order:
Order through email.
50% deposit is required to confirm order.

Email: info@gourmandines.com
Phone: 012 290 2135 / 5342
Fax : (03) 2026 4188

Extensive info, eh?!
They're very professional. =)

But I wasn't satisfied... Not yet, according to their description, the size was too small. Besar dia tak sampai 1/4 tapak tangan. (Errr.. Ke tapak tangan aku besar? HAHA)

So anyway, I opt for another solution: instead of imported jams, why not try searching for local jams? We DO HAVE strawberry farms here in Malaysia, don't we? ;) And it was then Option #2 came into the picture.

Home Made Strawberry Jam
from Cameron Highlands

I found another alternative. Its size is larger than Bonne Maman jam. Mak and Ayah scouted the perfect jam jars for me while they were having their 893578th honeymoon in Cameron Highlands.

The above image shows the difference in dimensions and err.. the presentation of the jars (sedih gila tengok label jam jar yang dari Cameron tu).

Here's the description of the local strawberry jam:

Content: obviously more than 30g
Dimension: 6.5 cm height X 4.5 cm diameter

RM 2.00
because they imported the jars, and its pricey

Customization (labels):
No. But you can request for them not to paste their labels on the jar. :)

24 jars in 1 box

Extra Info
No Preservatives
No Artificial Coloring

Contact Person
Tel: 013 524 7120

Bulk Offers
Mak successfully bargained RM 2000 for 42 boxes (which is 1008 jars) INCLUSIVE OF DELIVERY COSTS.

Terrer la Mak!

Monday, 21 February 2011

Colourful Chocs by My Mini Muffin KL

Who doesn't love chocolates?

(All of the pictures are credit to Home Made Chocolate by My Mini Muffin KL)

I'm so lovin the lollichocs (last picture). I'm considering them as doorgifts to give out to kids for my reception.

Home Made Chocolate's pricing is quite cheap.
RM 1.80/pc (coloured)
RM 1.50/pc (plain chocolate)

Roses shaped chocolates:
RM 0.60/pc - RM 0.70/pc

are from RM0.70/pc - RM 1.00/pc

Friday, 11 February 2011

2 New Checklists; and our Caterer has been confirmed!


As I mentioned in the title, I've got 2 new checklists that I just made yesterday.

Check them out, k.

For future couples that are still in planning phase, feel free to use my checklist. Sharing is Caring! :)


And as for the Caterer, my family has got our eyes set on one caterer, they're called Anjung Serai Catering. MashaAllah, SEEEDAP sangat their food.

Jenuh kami cari caterer. My mom is very very VERY particular in food. Kalau lauk sedap, nasi tak lembut dan tawar, REJECT. Kalau nasi sedap, daging keras, REJECT. Last time we went to Pameran Pengantin at Ampang Point, of all the food that we tried, she was satisfied with this one caterer only. She said, "Mmm.. Sedap! K.I.V." Because she wanted to taste another caterer's work recommended by my eldest sister in Klang. Last Saturday, kebetulan they were covering for an event around my place, so they stopped by and gave my mom some food for her to taste. The verdict? Yes, you've guessed it. REJECTED.

So we've confirmed our caterer. Every 1000pax, they'll give us 1 kambing golek.. Heee.. I'll be having one kambing bergolek for my reception! Weee~

Oh, and speaking of kambing golek... Kebetulan jugak, my eldest sister tu mentioned that she took a name card of a caterer that provided really delicious food and their kambing golek is to die for. Guess again? They're Anjung Serai. So far, I've never heard of a bad complaint. If any you guys have heard any, please let me know k? =)

Oh yeah, I have to update my checklist! Ngeeee~

Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Interventions

Hi all..

It's been more than 2 months since we've updated our blog. Really couldn't get our lazy bums to write. We practically had not much time to write. And here I am, stealing time after work to update this oh-sangat-kahsihan blog.

A lot of things that has happened. These are the few that I could think of...

  1. THE Mom intervention

    Alright.. Initially, I was quite upset about this having to follow mom's orders stuff. Because it's MY wedding and I don't like people bossing me around. So ceritanya... Since I told Mak about Ministry of Moment (MOM) [read this post], Mak asked us to pull out from having MOM cover our both events (solemnization and reception). I was like..... WHAT??!! And she also said I should rent out my reception baju. And I was like......

    (Well of course I didn't yell those words at her, or else there will be some domestic violence going on. Gimik je. Gimik...)

    But when we reviewed our initial plans, we realized that we actually wanted a simple wedding. Heck, we both ingatkan nak buat Nikah je, and to hell with the reception! What we care about is only to HALAL-ize this relationship. Mak really reminded us about that without even trying.

    So we straightened ourselves up and pulled out from Lynda and MOM (we decided to stick with them for nikah) with heavy... HEAVY... hearts.

    Mothers.. Can't live with them, can't live without them.. Haha..

  2. The SHOCKING news regarding the Mom-In-Law-To-Be

    Not long after Mak's intervention, I received terrible news from Raziku. He said his mom is sick with Miller Fisher disease. Its an autoimmune that attacks the nervous system. But soon after that, doctors diagnosed her with minor stroke because her body is partly paralyzed. Sorry I can't describe her sickness much because I don't know much about medicine..

    But anyway, kesian kan? Thank God my Razi is strong.. I'm so amazed by you, hunny.. :')

    Friends, please pray that my future mother-in-law gets better and better... I want her to be there at least during solemnization. Because that would be one of the most important moments of his son's life!

  3. The solemnization of Brother-In-Law-To-Be

    Razi's elder brother got married on 1st January! :) We'll have a triple wedding reception in end of July at Razi's house (probably).

  4. The change of Vendors

    Since unfortunate but fortunate event 1 happened, we have a change of wedding vendors.

    Solemnization Day (1 July 2011)
    Official Photographer: Sapex from MOM
    Makeup Artist: Sue the MUA-wannabe (Haha, myself lar)
    Outfit: Tailored and I'll be sending it off for beading or just do it myself
    Solemnization Dais: Bridal Sanctuary
    Hand bouquet: Mak buat
    Doorgifts: Yasin by Creatively designed

    Reception Day (2 July 2011)
    Official Photographer: Options - TopSphere Photography or Fuzuri Design
    Makeup Artist: Dila Ramli
    Outfit: Rins Suzana
    Reception Dais, Walkway, Entrance: Rins Suzana
    Hand bouquet: Mak buat
    Doorgifts: (to be confirmed)

  5. The change of Theme

    I thought of having a forest fairy theme like this:

    (Credit: here!)

    *speechless!* And the wings! Urghhh!! They are just perfect!
    And guess what, I found those custom made on the net! Take a look:

    (Credit: here!)

    Just magnificent...

    But well... Later on my Mak basuh Razi and I sampai we thought it's simply IMPOSSIBLE to be done, so we changed the theme to.... *drum roll please*

    It's a surprise!

    Wait for it!