Thursday, 10 February 2011

The Interventions

Hi all..

It's been more than 2 months since we've updated our blog. Really couldn't get our lazy bums to write. We practically had not much time to write. And here I am, stealing time after work to update this oh-sangat-kahsihan blog.

A lot of things that has happened. These are the few that I could think of...

  1. THE Mom intervention

    Alright.. Initially, I was quite upset about this having to follow mom's orders stuff. Because it's MY wedding and I don't like people bossing me around. So ceritanya... Since I told Mak about Ministry of Moment (MOM) [read this post], Mak asked us to pull out from having MOM cover our both events (solemnization and reception). I was like..... WHAT??!! And she also said I should rent out my reception baju. And I was like......

    (Well of course I didn't yell those words at her, or else there will be some domestic violence going on. Gimik je. Gimik...)

    But when we reviewed our initial plans, we realized that we actually wanted a simple wedding. Heck, we both ingatkan nak buat Nikah je, and to hell with the reception! What we care about is only to HALAL-ize this relationship. Mak really reminded us about that without even trying.

    So we straightened ourselves up and pulled out from Lynda and MOM (we decided to stick with them for nikah) with heavy... HEAVY... hearts.

    Mothers.. Can't live with them, can't live without them.. Haha..

  2. The SHOCKING news regarding the Mom-In-Law-To-Be

    Not long after Mak's intervention, I received terrible news from Raziku. He said his mom is sick with Miller Fisher disease. Its an autoimmune that attacks the nervous system. But soon after that, doctors diagnosed her with minor stroke because her body is partly paralyzed. Sorry I can't describe her sickness much because I don't know much about medicine..

    But anyway, kesian kan? Thank God my Razi is strong.. I'm so amazed by you, hunny.. :')

    Friends, please pray that my future mother-in-law gets better and better... I want her to be there at least during solemnization. Because that would be one of the most important moments of his son's life!

  3. The solemnization of Brother-In-Law-To-Be

    Razi's elder brother got married on 1st January! :) We'll have a triple wedding reception in end of July at Razi's house (probably).

  4. The change of Vendors

    Since unfortunate but fortunate event 1 happened, we have a change of wedding vendors.

    Solemnization Day (1 July 2011)
    Official Photographer: Sapex from MOM
    Makeup Artist: Sue the MUA-wannabe (Haha, myself lar)
    Outfit: Tailored and I'll be sending it off for beading or just do it myself
    Solemnization Dais: Bridal Sanctuary
    Hand bouquet: Mak buat
    Doorgifts: Yasin by Creatively designed

    Reception Day (2 July 2011)
    Official Photographer: Options - TopSphere Photography or Fuzuri Design
    Makeup Artist: Dila Ramli
    Outfit: Rins Suzana
    Reception Dais, Walkway, Entrance: Rins Suzana
    Hand bouquet: Mak buat
    Doorgifts: (to be confirmed)

  5. The change of Theme

    I thought of having a forest fairy theme like this:

    (Credit: here!)

    *speechless!* And the wings! Urghhh!! They are just perfect!
    And guess what, I found those custom made on the net! Take a look:

    (Credit: here!)

    Just magnificent...

    But well... Later on my Mak basuh Razi and I sampai we thought it's simply IMPOSSIBLE to be done, so we changed the theme to.... *drum roll please*

    It's a surprise!

    Wait for it!


  1. lama betul berdiam diri patut la ada byk perkara..erm..doakan razi's mother cpt sembuh..update lg ye..

  2. Hehe.. Thanks Kina... Of course lepas berbulan ada banyak sangat cerita nak share. Watch this space ya. :)

  3. Yeah sueziy, i'm so sorry to hear about ur future MIL. and about ur mother, i think almost all mothers are like that. buat dont know je... nnti someday u'll laugh about it! like i did!

  4. Haha.. Sekarang pun I dah start laughing about it. Weird, because it just so happen that harini she proposed so that my pelamin senget kat pentas, not at the center. Sebab entrance kat hujung lagi satu and then kat tepi, dia nak guest masuk-masuk terus nampak pelamin. HAHAHA.. Funny Mak.