Saturday, 6 November 2010

One Week After: The Story of Vendors

After spending 6 EXHAUSTING hours (or maybe more) surveying vendors, we finally went home...

The catch of the day:

  1. We booked photographers for both solemnization day and reception day. The guys at the Ministry of Moment are SUPER AWESOME okay! I mean, seriously.. They're a bunch of cool people, who are easy to negotiate with and we really could relate to them. We got along really well that Francisco thought that Shafiq (principal photographer and owner of M.O.M.) was already friends with Razi before. It's like CHEMISTRY AT FIRST SIGHT!! They captured a few photos of us posing at their booth (with Razi wearing a free M.O.M. T-Shirt we got for booking our dates) and together with Shafiq as well..

  2. We also placed booking fees for a designer for our reception outfits (my side). I've always heard Lynda Rahim makes beautiful BEAUTIFUL modern wedding dresses. So I thought I want to have a look at her collection. Initially we wanted to rent our reception outfits, but after a lot of thinking and persuasion by Lynda's sister Ella (sorry if I got your name wrong), we decided to have it specially designed to our tastes and our body. Plus Razi, being a fashion-lover himself, wants his outfit to have a little twist.
    And why not have them all for yourself rather than giving them back to the designer, right? Dahlah harga sewa lebih kurang je dengan harga tempah! You can actually wear it on special occasions -- your company annual dinner or even for special moments for you and your would-be husband. (Provided that it is not white in color, because nampak sangat baju kahwin!)

  3. Oh yeah, the best thing is... We booked a package with Lynda Rahim that is inclusive of makeup service by any professional makeup artist, with service charge not more than RM1,000. Kalau lebih, kena bayarlah lebih tu sendiri. They'll call and arrange for the booking of the makeup artist! When I asked who's in the list, Ella said there's Sue Cantik, Ayang Kamell, Tiar Zainal, Kak Sai, Chomel, Nurul Shukor... and many more, you name it!!

  4. Regarding our wedding cards, we have come to a mutual decision that we'll have to look for a company that gives the lowest printing price (not forgetting -- with good quality as well) and we'll definitely design the card ourselves. I have a few experiences publishing banners, buntings, flyers and stuff like that. This would be similar, I guess.. But I need the aid of Razi, from Quality Assurance, to give me some of his invaluable constructive criticism. We work great as a team, right, Honey? xoxo

  5. We did some food testing while we were there. One caterer captured our hearts (more like taste buds! Hehe) -- Anjung Ekslusif Catering! Their Daging Masak Hitam is TO DIE-FOR... No wonder it's their signature dish! And their prices are very reasonable as well: from as low as RM 6.60/head (food only). I'm interested with one of the Hall packages: RM 9.00 per head for catering services including waiters, 2 tier cake, meja pengantin setting, and other tables and chairs. There are other packages too: click here!
    Actually Mak wants to do the food tasting and decide which caterer to hire, but she's at the moment is having fun in Aussie. I think its easier for me to shortlist the candidates of our potential caterer for her. Heee..

Yeayyyy!! Dah banyak benda boleh check off!
Razi: Ha'a.. Tapi kita kena buat list baru la!
Sue: Eh.. Yela! I lupaaa... *beams meaningfully*

Thanks for reminding me, Razi..
Macam tak percaya je dah tunang dengan you!

P/S: I don't know about you.. But Francisco's fiancé told us that this Karnival Pengantin is much better than Pameran Pengantin held in KLCC early October -- in terms of that they have more booths, and therefore more choices!


  1. alhamdullilah, teruskan usaha !!! mom best, lynda rahim pun best. untungnya kamoo !! =)

  2. betul2..kat klcc sikit je booth..nangis pegi..haha..

  3. anaztasia: huhu. tu la psl. seb bek ktorg p semlm. x sia2! :D syafiq n d gang mmg gila happening, heheh.. uber-friendly siot!!

    kina: klcc punya sewa tapak mahal kot.. sbb tu sket je yg participate(seb bek x p!) semlm pn kak lynda kata 4k gak dorg punya booth.. huhu. tp compared to the 1 in mvaly, that's the best so far i gez ;>

    syg: i lg la mcm xcaya je da seminggu btunang dgn u.. ingt x masa kt m.o.m tu kn dorg tanya n i cam blurrr je, cam "eh, a'ah la. da seminggu doh :P"

    we've work as a team b4 n it was legendary! i cant wait 4 diz Nikah project to kick start.. i'm sure it'l b magical :D thx 4 bein open n patient; i noe my criticism can b very mean sumtimes (i cant help it,im just bein myself..) i'm sure u dun mind.. i'll try 2 b as professional as i can yeah =)

  4. Dear Kina,

    Yeke? Huih.. Sib baik kitorang tak pegi. Dahla kena bayar kan? Maybe gak sebab sewa tapak mahal. Hope Urban Vibe tak buat lagi kat KLCC.

    Dear Nora,

    Heee.. Tak tau la, kalau parents tau ni mesti diorang cakap kitorang wat rash decision & kalau beli bukan pakai lagi pon, tapi kitorang dah pikir betul-betul dah & kitorang puas hati sangat & tak nyesal pun.. Hope it'll turn out okay. Hehe

    Dear Musya',

    (saving the best for last)

    All of your criticism memang tepat ok! I know that I can always count on you.. :)

  5. Hi dear....salam perkenalan...bnyk jugak dah settle tuu....nnt leh hire kak sai or nurul shukor, adore their artwork....!!!~

  6. wah... dah book lynda rahim utk design baju. me still tak tahu nak book or hire saper. T____T

    terasa kerugian tak pergi ke SACC mall last weekend.

  7. Dear ElyaElmo,

    Hi!! Nice to meet you too.

    Nurul Syukor mahal sangat, lebih RM1000, nanti kena tambah duit sendiri. :p (kedekut rupanya Suzie ni. Heheh)

    About Kak Sai, I'm actually considering her. :)

    Thanks for the recommendation, babe!

    Dear MizzAmy,

    Ala takpe, mungkin ada rezeki Amy di lain hari. :)

    Oh ya, Datin Lynda's promotion ni still open tau. Kalau nak dia, cepat-cepat book!