Friday, 11 February 2011

2 New Checklists; and our Caterer has been confirmed!


As I mentioned in the title, I've got 2 new checklists that I just made yesterday.

Check them out, k.

For future couples that are still in planning phase, feel free to use my checklist. Sharing is Caring! :)


And as for the Caterer, my family has got our eyes set on one caterer, they're called Anjung Serai Catering. MashaAllah, SEEEDAP sangat their food.

Jenuh kami cari caterer. My mom is very very VERY particular in food. Kalau lauk sedap, nasi tak lembut dan tawar, REJECT. Kalau nasi sedap, daging keras, REJECT. Last time we went to Pameran Pengantin at Ampang Point, of all the food that we tried, she was satisfied with this one caterer only. She said, "Mmm.. Sedap! K.I.V." Because she wanted to taste another caterer's work recommended by my eldest sister in Klang. Last Saturday, kebetulan they were covering for an event around my place, so they stopped by and gave my mom some food for her to taste. The verdict? Yes, you've guessed it. REJECTED.

So we've confirmed our caterer. Every 1000pax, they'll give us 1 kambing golek.. Heee.. I'll be having one kambing bergolek for my reception! Weee~

Oh, and speaking of kambing golek... Kebetulan jugak, my eldest sister tu mentioned that she took a name card of a caterer that provided really delicious food and their kambing golek is to die for. Guess again? They're Anjung Serai. So far, I've never heard of a bad complaint. If any you guys have heard any, please let me know k? =)

Oh yeah, I have to update my checklist! Ngeeee~


  1. dulu elya pun nk ambik package anjung serai ni.last2 tak jadi mum suke catering yg lain..hehe

  2. Yeke? Apa nama catering yang your mum suke tu? Nak gak expand options. :D

  3. siap ada kambing golek.. yg tuh yg akan habis dulu tau nanti. ;)

  4. Haha.. Yeke. Takpela. First come first serve. Tak pun nanti beli lagi satu kambing, sebab anak sedare belum lagi dibuat akikahnya. So kalau nak order lagi 1 kambing boleh jugak. :) Thanks for the info, Amy. Nanti Sue propose kat parents.

  5. hee..i tengah survey pasal anjung serai la ni. sebab tadi terbekenan kat caterer ni masa gi wedding expo.. hehe