Saturday, 4 December 2010

Feelings that I never want to Feel again

Okay, this entry probably has nothing to do with our wedding... but I'm gonna write it anyway.

At midnight, I'll be going to a place far far away from my robot misai jawaku. Yes, this is for the first time I'll be away from him since we're officially in love, and hopefully it will the last.

It feels so awful inside. I need a hug. :(

Oh how I wish we're already married (+ have tons of money, of course..) and take him with me. Dahla I'm going to Europe, which at this time of the year is in sub-zero temperature.. With no one to warm me up during the extremely cold nights.
By the way, have you read the news about how bad Europe is right now? Well, thankfully the Netherlands is not so bad... I hope.

Thank Allah that the duration of the training is reduced from 2 weeks to 1.

Please pray for my safety going there, when I'm already there and when I head back home (literally and home = Razi).


  1. Thanks Nora. :)

    (ceh training-training pun sempat gak online. :b)

  2. suzie,thanks tau reply my emel..hehe
    orait,pape nanti suzie contact thru emel k,hehe
    bila you free..kena panggil suzie,takut tertukar dgn nama sendiri,hehe

  3. suzieee!! lama kee kat sana ??heheeh

  4. CikSue, nanti I bagi you the design k. Sorry lambat. I tersangatlah busy dengan kerja sekarang. Huhu

    Elya, I dah balik dah pun.. Later this weekend baru nak update blog (sebab lambat betul nak ada wedding progress). Weeee~*