Tuesday, 30 November 2010

E-Day Photos and New Layout (Wooohooo!)

Sorry for the late update, been busy with work. :)

As promised (a long... LONG time ago), here are our engagement pictures. It was just a small ceremony. Bak kata my office colleague: "Sempoi je your engagement." Hehe..

The beautiful purple, pink and white themed dowries from Razi's side:
Oh my, oh my! Cantik kan? Credits to Pak Andam and sister.

And... From my side:
Two heads are better than one! My eldest sister and I came up with a few "crazy" ideas ("crazy" because at first Mak doesn't approve of them), which are:
  1. I figured placing some pebble stones around the miniature picket fences would be just right... Considering it looked quite empty without them at first.
  2. Kakakku found a purdy luggage bag (in a home deco store at Amcorp Mall) while looking for English related things. So I decided to put Razi's Baju Melayu (the one he'll be wearing during our solemnization) inside the luggage bag (sendal beg tu dengan 3 satay sticks wrapped with 2 different ribbons kasi nampak cun sikit).
  3. For the sireh junjung, I came up with the idea of having a candle in a wired birdcage (that looks more like a gazebo) hanging beside the sireh junjung bouquet. We couldn't find a mini hook-stand-thingy (we searched high and low for it tau.. Penat je..), in the end, my handy Ayah decided to bend some wires he found around the house, spray some white paint on it and VOILA! Jadilah hanging wired gazebo! Haha... Cantik sampai Encik Photographer tangkap gambar benda tu je, bukan nak tangkap angle yang menampakkan sireh junjung yang sister sulungku penat-penat gubah! Haha, maaflah ye Kak oi...
  4. Since decoupage boxes are hard to find (even if we found it, it must be expensive) plus Mak and sister has some background in decoupaging, I guess it's best to D-I-Y the box ourselves. We placed Razi's NB shoes in them! (Sorry, no photos of the DIY decoupage box... He was supposed to bring his assistant along but ada hal la pulak. So maybe he was rushing, tak sempat tangkap gambar hantaran betul-betul...)

  5. Remember Sweetie Yummy Cupcake? Well, the owner called my sister a week prior to the E-Day and told her that she's having Dengue so she probably couldn't recover in time to make the cupcakes. Dugaan... *sebut macam cara Pendekar Bujang Lapok sebut ok!* The next cupcake supplier I could think of was my other sister's friend's sister. She makes the best, I repeat, THE BEST red velvet cupcakes ever! (Tapi makan satu je dah muak, takmau makan lagi haha... Bukan tak sedap... Actually it's very VERY rich.) Kakakku dengan bersungguh-sungguh balut kotak cupcakes yang putih, kosong lagi BURUK itu dengan flowery wrapping paper so that it would fit the theme. Hehe..
Em... I guess that's all.

See you later in December..


It's SO ... Clean. :)


  1. Rilla nsuka layout baru ni...saujana mata memandang, hahah.

    Suka idea hanging birdcage dengan lugage untuk letak baju En Misai Jawa tu.

  2. me too..adore ur new look!..sweet je..& idea of the robot so cute..

  3. chantek2 semuanya dear. memang kreatif lah u sefamily. hehehe...

  4. Kehadapan Rilla,
    Thanks Hunny! Saja nak share idea dengan my faithful readers.. (Suzie je yang tak faithful mengupdate blog. :p )

    Nora, TQ TQ!! Heee..

    Dear Kina,
    Kitorang dari background Artificial Intelligence, aritu baru je grad.. So macam tiba-tiba dapat ilham tukar nama blog sebab sebelum ni nama macam biasa je. Kitorang suka benda-benda extraordinary! :D

    Dear MizzAmy,
    Hehe.. Takdela kreatif sangat. Kepala gila-gila je. :p

  5. assalamualaikum suzie,

    saya paling suka idea beg tu. memang fresh! belum jumpa lagi (so far) dimana-mana. good job!

  6. congrats to both of u!:)
    pics kecik sangat.tak puas tgk.
    upload sumore! hehe

  7. Razi & Sue..congrats to the both of you!
    Have fun preparing for the big day :)

  8. Dear Syahira,
    Thanks. Memang kitorang pun tak terpikir pun sebelum jumpa beg tu. Bila nampak je, terus macam dapat "wahyu" dari langit. HAHA.. (Saya tau saya agak sengal.. Maap la ye. :b )

    Thanks Ain,
    I memang taknak beratkan our blog ni dengan banyak sangat photos. Besides, my internet connection seeellooowww sangat that I have to size my photos down. Sorry ye sayang..

    Hello Tahirah,
    Thanks for the motivational wish! Tak sangka THE TAHIRAH sanggup drop by and actually left a comment! I feel so honored. :)

  9. ai suke background putih, tak sakit mata nak baca! hantaran sume cantek, more photos please! tak puas tengok la.. :P

  10. Salam Dear...I'm the owner of SweetyYummieCupacke..blogwalking and found yours...
    So sorry tak dpt buatkan cupcake...Yup..dugaan for me too..

    Sorry Again..

  11. Dear Gadis Jumaat,

    Ala, tak sangka korang tak puas tengok gambar-gambar ni. Nanti kitorang buat online album k. Will give you the links later. :) Thanks!

    Kak SweetyYummie,

    Alahai, kak.. Its ok :) (walaupun sebenarnya nak sangat akak buatkan. Cuppies akak buat lawa + sweet + comel + yang paling-paling penting.. sedap!), kita masing-masing takde rezeki time tu. Tapi kakak saya memang suka order dari akak. Kalau family kitorang ada birthdays and nak cupcakes instead of cakes, kitorang orderla dari akak k. :)