Sunday, 19 September 2010

Budget Doorgifts, anyone?

I am on a tight budget, but still I want to give something nice to guests on our engagement day. After a couple of months of browsing the Web + listing out my alternatives + striking all but one out of the list, which is...

D-I-Y Brown Paperbags!

(Sorry for the bad quality image. I need to get a digital camera, quick!)

I've re-engineered a few ideas found through Googling. I think it turned out quite well, don't you think? ;)

About the tag:

Malas nak cutout the 1st design so I came up with an alternative. Whoever wants to use these designs, do request the file from me (via the Contact form) okay? =)

Well, here's the budget for one doorgift:
  1. Brown paper bags (Mydin || RM 3.20 / 100pcs)
    = RM 0.032 / 1 pc
  2. Ribbons (had to buy an expensive one because of its rare color. Bought at a gift shop in Tropicana City Mall)
    = RM 0.40 / 1 pc tied into a bow (approx.)
  3. Thank you tag printed on 230gsm Cardstock in white (yet to be bought)
    = RM 0.10 / 1 pc of tag (approx. with printer ink)
TOTAL = RM 0.632 only

(Psssttt... I still haven't confirmed the goodies within. Maybe a RM 1.00 muffin. Yummyyy~)

I also bought Marvy Uchida 2 1/2" Scallop Punch (from physical shop || RM 89.90), can be reused again and again..

P/S: Please buy your scrapbooking supply from Not only you'll get a far cheaper price than other craft shops, you get to help Bryant's family gain extra income to cover his medical expenses. You see, he's one of the many victims of medical-related recklessness. Brain-injured since birth (due to a doctor's absence during delivery), his family could never see him live like a normal child and doctors suspect that he would not live long. Razi and I almost cried hearing this. The fact that neither the doctor nor the hospital (which is one of the first-class hospitals in Malaysia) has any remorse towards what happened is just terrible! Siap cakap, "Sebelum ni ada kes macam ini tapi mereka tak kecoh pun!" Isk jahat...

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  1. too..need a digital camera..hp 5megapixel pun kabur semacam..da follow u dear..hope can xchange link..ur link kina da letak dekat belah kanan..title when the bride blogs..hehe..:)

  2. Paperbags memg tengah famous skrg. cantik. nora suka design bulat :)

  3. Kina: Thanks for linking blog kitorang yang tak seberapa ni. hehe~ I've linked you back. Baru je. Sebab tadi bengong pikir kenapa blog Kina tak appear kat "Blogs I'm Following" masa Suzie nak add to list. Hehe~ Papepun sekarang dah appear, tapi bawah sekali sebab RSS Kina punya blog tak dapat read. Sorry ye sweet, tak tau kenapa.

    Nora: Suzie pun suka design bulat. Ingatkan nak buat style Martha Stewart's brown paperbag design untuk home-blend coffee. Tapi tak kena pulak dengan theme color biru-hijau masa engagement Suzie nanti.
    Tangan ni macam gatal lagi nak letak embellishments kat paperbag tu. ;p

  4. Sangat cantik your theme colour. Teal memang masuk dengan brown. Comelnyeee. And thanks for the link of the craftshop.

  5. My pleasure, Rilla. :) Beli scrapbooking supplies kat situ tau. Murah sangat-sangat-sangat kalau banding dengan yang kita jumpa kat shopping malls. Boleh beramal sekali. Tuan punya kedai friendly sangat..

    Thanks for the comment, semalam tunjuk kat Mak. Dia cakap OK. (Nasib baik Big Boss approve. Hehe)

  6. oppss lari sikit entry nie
    saya dah follow pun hehe..
    yea ker?? kita ni common bulan lah yek hehe...

  7. Yep, eija. Kita dua June brides. InsyaAllah.. *Doa banyak-banyak*

    Oh ya, sebelum terlupa: Thanks sebab follow blog ni! XOXO

    (and that goes out to other yang dah follow gak.. Thanks =) )

  8. suzie, kite punye tq tag pon gune marvy's scallop punch! siap pegi kedai dia n berapa kali menganga tengok macam-macam benda yg bes gilerrrrr! suzie pergi jugak ke or beli online? time tu mmg ada nampak ada sorang budak terbaring kat katil, now i know his story... bukan nama dia andrew ke? ai macam dengar dorg panggil nama dia andrew.. kesiannye tengok.. :(

    ai ada cite sal lawatan ke scrap-n-crop lam entri ni :D -->

  9. love the design....

    kite pun guna brown paper untuk doorgift wedding wa lgi....kene buat 800 keping...

  10. Gadis Jumaat: Sue pegi jugak. Sebabtu nampak budak tu. Nama dia Bryant tak silap. Cube refer page ni. Kesian kan? Hurr..

    Wa: Thanx sebab sudi jengah blog Sue ni. Hehe~* Ramai pakai brown paperbag ni sebab eco-friendly, pocket friendly, dan tak susah nak membuatnya.. Mak siap suruh buat dalam 1000 lebih untuk wedding pulak. Sue ingat nak buat macam Wa buat la. Pakai kertas balut nasi lemak tu. Mesti lagi teguh kan? Yang ni cepat sikit koyak & kecik saiznye.