Monday, 30 August 2010

Robust August!

Okay, first up: Lets start today's post with a list! Yay!
  1. My Facebook account was dead for the first half this year.
  2. I already have several blogs that has been shut down due to being "hiatus" for months. Mind you, they are quite successful as I gained many hits.
  3. And this blog has not been updated for almost a month.
  4. SMS and ask me about anything, I'm sure I'll reply within the next day (that's the earliest, I guarantee). Come to think about it, most of the time I don't reply at all! So, do call me if it's really important.
    (Razi sudah biasa dengan perkara ini and I am NOT PROUD of myself because of this.. =( )
The reason(s) why I do the things above, which is in least-to-worst order, is/are ...
  1. I'm a procrastinator; atau
  2. I am lacking in common sense; atau
  3. kedua-duanya sekali
Waaa~ Why la am I so terrible at updating anybody about anything...???!!!

TRANSITION: Please take note that the above question is not meant to be answered by anyone but Sue to herself.


(To Razi: Dalam my entry ni I wat '♥' ha.. lagi comel tau ha.. Jangan jeles..)

There's only so many things that had happened this month! But I intend to make this entry short because I tend to write such long entries and that would probably bore people so I think I better make this entry REALLLY short. (*sigh* why do I talk too much?)


1 - Razi's Mama's birthday @ his elder sister's place. I was invited and I brought yummy yummy Lasagne I made early that morning. Met his sisters' family for the first time.
3 - Razi requested for leave. Went to KL with him and Mak. We surveyed stuff for hantaran (artificial flowers, ribbons, baskets, etc..) and Mak bought the essentials to make 'bunga dip'. Got home. After having tea later that afternoon, Razi and I went to Subang to check out Rumah Kebaya but it was closed and we found a bridal boutique instead.
7 - Survey Dermalogica set for me. Bought Bodyshop gift set for Razi.
9 - Joined Razi's family bowling at Summit USJ. =) Met his elder brother and future fiance for the first time.
13 - Went to Ikano Power Centre. Survey shades and some furniture at Macy.
15 - Trial makeup. Both of us surveyed some furniture at Klang.
19 - Searched hi & lo for the new Bright Sail Bridal Gallery at Sg Tua. Thank the Good Lord there is GPS! Went to Esprit outlet store @ somewhere in Cheras and bought Razi a nice brown leather wallet.
20 - Mak persuaded me to go to Sogo with her for some mother-daughter time (shopping together to be exact! =D ). Bought Mariah Carey's Luscious Pink gift set untuk hantaran for myself (HAHA, ta malu!!!!). Last minute arrangement to SUPER DUPER FUN buka puasa with Razi's family at his sis's crib. Got to know his family better this time with his father present. =)
21 - Razi bought Dermalogica set for me (3-step, hydrating masque, booster, total eye care, UV-shield, and... well, maybe I forgot some other facial products teehee). Discovered Zleqha at Ramadhan Bazaar @ Tropicana City Mall! (Muslimah clothing line with a twist! I am practically in love with their jubah designs but I HAVE TO WAIT until I am financially stable to buy any. *sighs*) Went to FJ Benjamin store at Klang Centro Mall hoping to find suitable gifts of shoes/handbag. Surveyed shades. Went to Diamond & Platinum @ SACC Mall to finalize order for my engagement ring (syked!), Razi paid in full. Alhamdulillah! Buka puasa with his boss.
28 - Went to FJ Benjamin sale @ Park Royal. Bought watches for both Razi and I (marked down but without boxes; tahulah kitorg nanti nak letak kat hantaran macamana =D ) Walked back to Pavillion and Razi and I chose a pair of really purrrdy Charles and Keith shoes as hantaran for me. *wink2* Buka puasa and family gathering (my dad's side) @ my uncle's house. Had a few questions regarding the-lucky-guy-a.k.a.-Razi and my engagement/solemnization. ;)
29 - Went to Midvalley hoping to find a nice handbag to put on the dulang but I got myself some great lookin flats for almost-everyday wear (I'm not as shoe-crazy as what most women should be *shame2*). Razi and I head to Serendah to buka puasa with anak yatim and enjoyed a few (singing) performances by his friends... dan kami juga sempat camwhore dengan anak-anak yatim. =D

(Ceh, kate nak short je.. )

So basically Razi and I spent most of our time together surveying and shopping for barang hantaran, and I had early bonding sessions with my future in-laws. Hehe~

Blog Update

And last but not least: today I updated the Engagement List! ;) Check it out, peeesh..


  1. hiiiii b2b blogwalking. nice blog =) lets share idea dear =)

  2. assalamualaikum sueweeets,

    omg, you surprised me ok. actually sy tak siap edit lagi blog tu suddenly nampak 1 comment. thanks dear. *terharu.

  3. Nora: Tq sebab sudi singgah blog Sue & Razi (and for the compliment as well ;) ). I feel so welcomed!

    Syahira: Wa'alaikumussalam. Ehe, sory.. Sue ingatkan dah ready, sebab lawa dah blog tu.. ;) Lovin the colors! By the way, rajinnye Cik Syahira kite ni.. nak dekat pukul 3 still editing ur blog.

  4. assalamualaikum sueweeets,

    mood rajin datang pukul 3 pagi. hihi.

  5. my word. you sure have done quite a lot! :) keep it up! hehe.

  6. Hyeee...blogwalking. Want to exchange link?

  7. Cik Syahira: Samala kita. Selalu mood rajin tu datang time pagi2 kan? I don't know about you, but maybe Sue terbawak2 perangai masa kat Uni dulu. ;p

    Liyana R: Hey girl! Thanks so much for dropping by and spending time reading my really long post. (I tend to bebel a lot) hehe~
    Trust me, Liyana. I still have a long LONGGG way to go. Ni pun my mom urged me to really fasten my pace in buying hantaran because she wants to start with the decoration this month. Both parties berhantar during my engagement ceremony on Oct 30th (complete with baju nikah, perfume, duit hantaran, etc) but not during my solemnization; my mom said "Nanti senang masa nikah takyah pikir pasal hantaran dah"). Well, I guess she's right~ =)

    Rilla: Hi Rilla.. Sure thing! I've read ur blog and am so excited to see your DIY work.
    P/S: I've added your blog into my blogroll. *wink*

  8. Hi there, nak tanya ada tak alamat bright sail kat sg tua tu?