Friday, 24 September 2010

Inspiration: Gubahan Hantaran

I have just more than 1 month left to go before my 2nd-big day -- aha, mestilah majlis pertunanganku. ;p

My Mak, eldest sister and I myself are in charge of decorating gifts that I'm going to give to Razi (Hello, Razi? Senyap je.. Ehe, mesti busy cari future-duit-nafkahku.. Haha)

(Eherm, well.. To the point please, Sue...)

I wanted something different with a personal touch. So there I was browsing through the Web like it's no one's business. And BAM! I found a perfect english cottage theme! It's a combination of my all-time favourite things (background music = "My Favourite Things" by Julie Andrews), and I bet Mak will love it too.

Can you imagine the sweet and soft pastel colours combined with roses, hydrangeas, ribbons and wooden trays/boxes decorated with decoupage roses. Kalau takleh imagine, sila tengok gambar dibawah ya:

Credit to Lace&Beads for the awsome idea!

Okay, I got to go. Mak dah panggil. We're going to Batang Kali for a family retreat for the weekend (well, half of the family, actually)... Bye bye pollution and stress, hello fresh air and tranquility. =)


  1. assalamualaikum suzie,

    hydrangeas adalah salah satu pokok bunga yang ada dirumah saya 20tahun dulu.
    masa kecik-kecik lagi dah bermain-main dengan bunga tu.
    semenjak pindah dah tak ada lagi kenangan bersama bunga tu.
    tak sangka sekarang hydrangeas adalah antara bunga pilihan ramai..

  2. Salam.

    Hydrangeas is definitely one of my favorite flowers. Buat hantaran plus pastel colors deco mesti cantik.

  3. Wa'alaikumussalam Cik Syahira..

    Hydrangeas ni comel and kena dengan garden theme. Tapi Sue pun tak sure nak pakai ke tak lagi. hehe~

  4. Rilla: Yup mesti cantik. Tapi tu pun kalau big boss (Mak, of course) setuju. =) Family Sue a bit traditional, tapi kalau kena dengan taktik menginfluence judgement diorang, boleh pass kot idea ni. =p

  5. sue, i'm positive yr hantaran will look absolutely sweet. just like you are. can't wait to see the outcome!

  6. Oh my side of hantaran wouldn't be as nice as the above photo. I already bought a few props and a bunch of artificial flowers as part of the decoration. Looks kinda ordinary (when I look at photos of hantaran that people normally do nowadays).. But my mom and eldest sister owns a few tricks up their sleeves, that'll probably "spice" up the dulangs.. (if you know what I mean *wink2*)

    I hope it'll turn out okay.

    *fingers crossed!*